After doing all I could to reduce my gas usage I was tempted to add 'zoning' to my house. This would entail adding the ability to independently control upstairs and downstairs radiators. Although this would have been relatively straightforward to implement, I felt it would not help me. For example, I did not want ALL the rooms switched off upstairs in the evening cycle as I needed to leave the bathroom radiator on. What I actually wanted was the ability to control each room independently.

A Thermostatic Radiator Valve (TRV) as defined by Wikipedia is a mechanical self-regulating valve fitted to hot water heating system radiators. The TRV controls the temperature of a room by regulating the flow of hot water to the radiator. I have had mechanical TRVs installed for many years on all my radiators but these are too inconvenient to use if you need want to control whether a radiator is on or off or set to a different during a typical day. I would be wasting a lost of time fiddling with radiator TRVs every day and would be told by other family members to 'get a life'!

However, once you have followed the guidance to switch suppliers and turn the heating control down by one degree there is little else I could do to cut gasbills. That was the case until the advent of eTRVs from Chalmor! An eTRV will allow you to, for example:

Automatically set a room temperature to 'off', 'Low', 'Economy' or 'Comfortable' at different times of the day by using a timer similar to what you use on your central heating controller.

Automatically turn unused room radiators off in the evening but have it on in the morning (or vice versa) without manual intervention. Examples of how TRVs can be used with different settings in each room can be seen here.

Even better, you can remotely control all the features from the comfort of your chair (Click here for an explanation of buttons and read the user guide).

Using these features enabled me to make significant cash savings by reducing your gas bill. Of course, if you want to carry on having the whole heated up to 22 degree Celsius all day and can afford the bills this lifestyle will create, then eTRVs are not for you!

I have a thing about using electronics rather mechanical controllers as you can read on my page concerned with hot water tanks; electronic control is undoubtedly more accurate and fast than old mechanical bi-metal switches. This is the case with eTRVs as well. The one I have used, Chalmor's eTRV, uses two temperature sensors to more accurately and responsively control the temperature of a room. This by itself reduces gas usage consumption.

During the winter of 2011/12 I have reduced my gas consumption by over 30% equating to an annual saving of over 20%. I have achieved this by having all the radiators on in the morning cycle (different rooms set to different temperatures) and automatically turning off unoccupied room radiators in the evening.

Of course, you will need to do some number crunching to ensure that the financial pay-back period makes the investment worthwhile for you.

Why not buy one and try it out for yourself after watching Daniel explain the benefits of installing eTRVs as he sees them. As Daniel points out, they 'save' energy and 'mum and dad money'. So simple its child play!

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