There are some great electronic 'gadgets around that can help you reduce your energy costs so when I come across them I will post details here.

The learning thermostat - Nest

No more programming, no more constantly changing the temperature. The Nest Learning Thermostat programs itself in a week to keep you comfortable and save energy.

Auto-Away turns heating and cooling down automatically when no one is home, saving energy when you don’t need it. Energy History shows you how much energy you’ve used daily.

Nest will do what you tell it, so teach it energy saving habits: turn the temperature down at night or when you leave the house, and don’t turn the temperature too high or low.

Nest knows you. By now, Nest has made a schedule for your home. One-off temperature changes won't confuse it, but change the temperature a couple of days in a row and Nest will catch on and adjust its schedule. Lower the temperature two Mondays in a row and Nest will remember for next week.

My GaS Consumption comment: Unfortunatly, this product is only currently available in the USA from the Pala Alto manufacturers. It looks to be a most interesting device but I suspect it is most suitable for US condonimiums or UK fltas that have wide open spaces. In the UK, where we tend to have a lot of individual rooms controlling individual room temperatures using TRVs - or even better eTRVs - would seem to be a better solution. When TRVs are fitted to radiators, then the central thermostat is either turned way up high or disabled. I do like its ability to be remotely controlled via the Internet and it ability to detect movement to ascertain that someone is at home.

But, I do like its abilities to learn and there a lot of other manufacturers who could learn from this Californian innovation themselves!

The cost is currently $249 per unit - iPod creator switches attention to 'smart' thermostats

Other programmable systems:

Heatsave - an eTRV clone but with PC software.

eQ-3: German - not available in English but looks interestin g.

i-temp terrior - a UK eTRV competitor with PC software.