This is my year by year gas usage split by billing periods so that the four seasons can be compared.

This what really counts - the gas bills. I'm pleased with what I have achieved as this is in spite of all the cost increases in the last three years! At least until 2012/13! The reasons for big increase in gas in the 2012/2013 season are twofold (a) It was a cold winter, and (b) the main reason is that I upgraded the boiler which forced me to heat the hall to full temperature. You can find more about the resons for this on the 2013/14 page. I hope, as you will read there, that I have corrected the issue and gas usage in the 2013/14 season will be more in line with earlier years - I certainly hope I can get it back down to an annual usage of 16,000kWh!

Remember those heady pre-2006 days when I just left the gas on all day without a worry! Think how much the bill would be if I took that approach now! I really started focussing on reducing my gas bills in 2008.