I'm pleased to see that you are interested in helping us by giving us your monthly gas consumption. This is what you need to do to read your gas meter. It's not at all difficult and will only take a couple of minutes.

(1) Locate your gas meter

If your gas meter is outside, you will need to get a cabinet key. These are available very cheaply on eBay ("gas meter key").

(2) When should I read the meter?

Read the meter on the 1st day of the month at around the same time of day each month.

(3) Reading the meter

Read all the digits on the meter down to two decimal points e.g. 16548.21 and write it down for use next month.

(4) Calculate the previous month's gas consumption

Subtract the latest reading from the reading you took in the previous month.

(5) Submit your previous month's consumption

Use the Submit data form to enter your gas consumption.

If you are as 'mad' as me you can also do the following (but it's fun!)

Read the meter daily: I read the gas meter every single day (or get my partner to do it!)

Minimum night time temperature:
I also measure the outside temperature each morning but I soon came to the conclusion that the outside temperature was lower at some time in the middle of the night.

As I assumed this was a key factor to how much gas it took to heat the house each morning, I invested in a low-cost maximum-minimum electronic thermometer available from shops like Maplin. The one I purchased will measure inside temperature as well as having an external sensor on the end of a 2-metre lead which can be routed through a convenient external window. I was now able to measure both the minimum night temperature and the daily gas consumption so I was ready to go!

Convert units to kW/hours: To convert the daily gas units measured used to Kilowatt Hours (kWh) as this is what your gas supplier uses to create your bills, you will need to get the exact formula that is located on your gas bill.  The Glossary explains the terms used.

The formula for converting Units to Kilowatt Hours

Excel spreadsheet: Of course, Units to kWh is not calculated manually each time but is done using an Excel spreadsheet:

Gas consumption analysis spreadsheet

To download a copy of this gas consumption Excel spreadsheet click here.