Chris's gas consumption: Sep 2011 - Mar 2012

We all suffer from the never-ending rise in the cost of domestic gas and electricity in recent years and this has focused us all on looking at how we can better control its use and reduce costs.

Back in 2008, while scouring the Internet for practical advice, I only came across the usual cliched advice that you would expect; switch suppliers, use a direct debit account, turn your thermostat down by one degree, insulate your home etc. Although this guidance is entirely appropriate, I could not find any detailed data about what the gas consumption was in a house like mine to use as a benchmark. What I could find was very shallow and only talked about annual consumptions which was not at all helpful..

We all know that we use more gas in the winter than the summer as this is the main justification for monthly direct debit which even out payments over the year. However, I could not find any detailed data whatsoever! I wanted to know what the main causes of the horrendous winter bills I had been receiving.

I felt that I needed to gain a much better understanding of what affected my gas consumption I would feel that I was more in control. So in that fateful day in 2008 I started to measure my gas consumption together with the minimum night time temperature on a daily basis.

My analysis of gas usage has really helped me to reduce my energy bills by pushing me to a more sensible use of gas central heating. I hope you can achieve the same.

Chris March 2008